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Warrant Process

Have a warrant? We can help!

If you have an active warrant in South Florida, we could help you clear it!

Clear Felony Warrants

If an individual wishes to clear a felony warrant, he or she must first be fully booked into jail. The process in Palm Beach County can take approximately 2-8 hours, however, every county works differently in regards to the time it takes to get completely booked.

To clear the warrant, simply contact Richard Rifflard with All County Bail Bonds, Inc., at (561) 967-0086, please have in hand the name and date of birth to search for the warrant. Following, we will contact the fugitive/warrants division with the information and determine whether or not the person has a warrant. If a felony warrant is active he or she must come into the office to complete a quick ten-minute application. Although you still have to get booked into jail, we make the process simple.

Click the link below for a warrant search.


Clear Misdemeanor & Traffic Warrants


If you have an active Misdemeanor or Traffic warrant in Palm Beach County, Florida, All County Bail Bonds, Inc. can assist you in clearing it. This process is called a "walk-through” in which no booking processes are needed. To do so, you will just need to schedule an appointment, complete ten minutes of paperwork, and meet our licensed bail bond agent at the Palm Beach County Jail. Once the warrant has been verified, you will sign for a new court date and the officer will take the warrant out of the system. Finally, you will be given a copy of the court date; it is vital to keep this copy for your records and bring it with you when appearing in court.

With this simple process you will avoid the embarrassment of being detained, placed in handcuffs and taken to jail.

Alleviate the fear of being arrested by calling us today at (561) 967-0086!

Click the link below for a warrant search.