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How Much Does It Cost To Get Out of Jail?

When you, a loved one or friend is arrested, all you can think about is getting out of jail and getting home—and most of the time, this is possible. If bail is given, a bail bond company holds the key to your freedom; however, there are times when bail is not given due to the charge & flight risk. The question is, how much will bail actually costyou? Also, what can you do if bail is not affordable?

In this post, we’ll offer answers to both questions, straight from Richard Rifflard, owner of All County Bail Bonds, Inc.

How is bail set?

First, how much bail is set for? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for this. The courts will set bail depending on the severity of the crime, criminal history, and if you are considered a flight risk. The bail amount could be as low as one hundred dollars, or it could thousands of dollars. For most simple and first-time offenses it will be much closer to the bottom end of that bond scale.

Once bail has been set by the judge, you have the option of paying the bond in full at the jail the defendant is being held. The forms of payment at the jail is cash or cashier’s check. Arrest expenses can really add up after you pay your fines, court fees, lawyers, and more. However, what if you simply don’t have that kind of money? Feel free to contact a fast and efficient bail bond agent with All County Bail Bonds, Inc. at (561) 967-0086 for more detailed information.

How much will bail bonds company charge and who sets the rate?

With a bail bondsman, state bonds cost 10%, of the total bond while federal bonds cost 15% of the total bond. In this case, if, for example, the bond is $3,000 you would only pay $300. At the jail, you would instead pay the full amount ($3,000) either in cash or cashier's check only. If you decide to pay the full amount of the bail bond in cash or cashiers’ check, you will receive Arrest expenses can really add up after you pay your fines, court fees, lawyers, and more. The bail bond rate, or premium, in Florida is 10% and is set by the Department of Financial Services.

What if You Still Can’t Afford Bail?

Here at All County Bail Bonds, we work with our clients to find the best solution, and to help get them, their loved ones or friends out of jail as quickly as possible. Don’t let financial shortfalls keep you from seeking our services. We care about you and are here to help!

All County Bail Bonds, Inc. is proud to be a leading Palm Beach County Bail Bond Company. We will help guide you step-by-step to overcome the confusing jail system and look forward to working with you to service all of your bail bond needs. Contact Us today at (561) 967-0086 to get help from the most trusted bail bond agency in Florida!

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