Clear A Felony Warrant


If an individual wishes to clear a felony warrant, he or she must first be fully booked into the Palm Beach County Jail. The booking process in Palm Beach County can take approximately 2-6 hours and release times are 2-6 hours. However, every county works differently in regards to the time it takes to get completely booked and released.

To clear the warrant, simply:

  1. Contact Owner, Richard at (561)967-0086, please have in hand the name and date of birth to search for the warrant.
  2. We will contact the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office fugitive/warrants division with the information to confirm the Warrant.
  3. If a felony warrant is active, he/she must complete an application at the office or use our online bonding system.
  4. Schedule a day and time to turn yourself in

Although you still have to get booked into the Palm Beach County Jail, we make the process simple.

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